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"A Call to Action" web blog! Please use this website to stay informed of the actions of our politicians. Additionally I encourage you to sign your email in feedburner and you will get an email of new 'Post' and not have to come back to 'RealHonestNews' and you can cancel anytime.


"It is so frustrating to me every day, how our politicians lie and get away with it" !

Winston Churchhill: Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

Our State and Federal Government just does not get it and obviously don't care ... (only interested in getting re-elected). Their political voyage, like the Titanic, seams unsinkable ... 'right'.
The Titanic Ship Line was wrong about their unsinkable ship and so is our State and Federal Government. We are headed towards a continent size "berg" in full view during daylight, and even laughing that ... "Even if we hit that 'berg' we can't sink" !

This is such a 'sad state of affairs' and seemly no way to fix it ! The only thing that concerned citizens of this Great Country ... The United States of America can do, is let the elected politicians know how you feel about what they are doing to this country.

For sure they are not implementing "Common Sense".

Democrats or Republicans or Independents, you have to be questioning your parties right now ... "Politicians, stop being complacent and vote for the good of the country".

One more thing, I ask people "How did we get in this mess of voting for self indulgent politicians?

And to my surprise about twenty percent get it ... "Forty years of state (liberal) run schools has produced a voting base to keep the liberals re-electing year after year.

Remember Germany ... Hitler ... Controlled State run schools. Educate children, by bringing them up your way (liberal) and you control the future. "Liberal" !

I believe we have lost the base of voters (youth and to the age of thirty five).

At this time the "Conservative" person must start voting for "Conservative Politicians".

Hope. Hope is all we have as conservatives.

Hard Work. Hard Work is what we have to do to defeat this "Radical Liberal Government" that has been forty years in the making.

Share your Conservative Views with people and "Give it Your Best Shot" ... Learn as much Conservative Principals as possible.

Conservative Movement (back to the basics, The Constitution of The United States).